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{In Search of the Elusive Ghetto Palm: The Silent Sentinel}

Posted on February 10th, 2014

Across from Druid Lake and the zoo, a singular creature.


The most astonishing ghetto palm in its stark isolation, standing by the side of the roaring road in total silence, sealed off from space and time.


Creeping close, its dilapidated grandeur grows stronger. A forgotten sentinel in a ruptured row house, framed as though ancient, eternal — a still-life, still alive; a stationary sleepwalker in an open tomb.


Or perhaps a clockwork dancer in a fractured music box, its gears long ground to rust. Amid the silent desolation, its stillness is absolute, as though the whole universe might pass by overhead and it would remain unperturbed — lost, desolate, gone, but still there.


Take a stroll through the ghetto palm orchard – our catalog of cranny-dwelling scamps and alley-dwelling giants.

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Variously described as "ChangeMonger-in-Chief," "dreamer and schemer," and "evil genius for good," Hasdai is the founder of ChangingMedia, a digital agency that helps visionary organizations harness the power of new media to create social change. An enthusiastic passport collector, Hasdai became a U.S. citizen on the 4th of July and is a fierce patriot with little to no interest in soccer. He has transformed a derelict lot into a flourishing urban farm as co-founder of Exeter Gardens, and is trying to make textiles sing with the Synesthesia Musical Loom Project. He has been carjacked in Baltimore but still loves it. His goal in life was to be a pirate, but he gets sea-sick.

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